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About Us

With more than 35 years experience servicing VW ‘s and Audis, we know your car inside and out!

Wolfsbug AutowerksWolfsburg Autowerks started as a 1 man, 1 bay car repair shop in the Summer of 1999 in the north end of Boulder, Colorado by Mark Cervelli. Mark has been professionally working on Volkswagens and Audis since 1976. He got his start at a small independent shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has worked at Volkswagen and Audi dealerships and independent repair shops ever since.
Wolfsburg Autowerks has expanded twice since 1999, but has remained in the same location at 1001 Lee Hill Drive. The shop occupies about 4000 Sq. Ft., has 3 lifts, room for 3 more cars behind the 3 lifts, a parts department, office space, and a comfortable customer waiting area with WiFi.

Wolfsburg Autowerks is extremely well equipped with state of the art equipment and well-trained technicians. The shop does not hesitate to equip its technicians with the latest in diagnostic interface equipment and special tools to insure proper repair and / or maintenance procedures. Our VAS 5052a diagnostic scan tool is registered with both Volkswagen and Audi. As a result, Wolfsburg Autowerks is an authorized Anti-theft Immobilizer service station and has the capability of issuing and adapting new keys.

Our shop repair manuals are directly from Volkswagen and Audi through Robert Bently’s eBaun Pro Desktop Reader. This repair manual library is complete and is updated annually so that the latest and most complete information reaches our technicians. Ongoing technician training is through the Robert Bently self-training study sections of eBaun Pro as well as regular classroom training through World Pac supplier training seminars.

What some of our customers have to say

Wolfsburg is amazing. Wolfsburg has worked on my car a few times, works on my brothers car, and almost all of my friends who drive VW's have started to go there too. They are honest, reliable, and completely trustworthy. They are busy, but because they are busy, they aren't interested in performing work that isn't necessary to make more money. They are happy to fix your car, but only if it really actually needs to be fixed. Its very refreshing, and I cannot recommend them enough. Click to read this and other reviews
Emily R. | Boulder, CO
Trustworthy, hard working, diligent, and willing to take the time to explain everything. I wish all shops were like this, and I wish we could have a fraction of Mark's knowledge of Vanagons. The man is virtually poetic in his approach, and a true car aficionado. We can only aspire to be as passionate and know as much about something as he does about cars and what makes them work. Click to read this and other reviews
Hm S. | Summerville, MA
Mark is a really great guy and an honest, hard-working small business owner. My wife and I have gotten to know him, needing to take my car in for very regular oil changes (3-5K) due to the potential oil sludge problem of the 1.8T engine. Mark works on VW and Audi's and he is very knowledgeable about these vehicles, especially the older ones like mine, way over 100K and needing some pretty major maintenance/repairs more frequently. He's very fair on charging for labor, up-front about parts costs, and presents multiple options, if possible. Considering that some German parts are unavoidably pricey, along with other things these cars may need, like synthetic oil and quality oil filters, I've found Wolfsburg's overall service costs very reasonable.... Click to read the rest
James W. | Boulder, CO

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